Senator Collins Receives Inaugural Jacob K. Javits Prize for Bipartisan Leadership

New York, NY – In recognition of her exemplary efforts to facilitate bipartisanship during her more than 19 years of Senate service, U.S. Senator Susan Collins received the inaugural Jacob K. Javits Prize for Bipartisan Leadership at the 2016 National Opportunity Summit in New York City today. The Javits Foundation bestowed this prestigious lifetime achievement award on Senator Collins for her work to advance common sense reforms by finding common ground with members of both parties on many critical issues.

“Compromise is a means of accomplishment, of understanding and respecting differences in order to find solutions. Even in this highly charged political environment, it is still possible to find members in both parties who understand that compromise does not mean betraying one’s principles,” Senator Collins said upon receiving the award. “Senator Jacob Javits handed us the beacon of reason and service. We must all do our part to carry it forward.”

Senator Collins is well known for her willingness to reach across the aisle to achieve bipartisan consensus on some of our nation’s most pressing issues. In both the 113th and 114th Congresses, she was ranked as the most bipartisan member of the U.S. Senate by the Lugar Center and Georgetown University.

The Jacob K. Javits Prize for Bipartisan Leadership was established in 2016 by the Marian B. and Jacob K. Javits Foundation. The Foundation was created in 1986 by Jacob Javits, a former U.S. Senator from New York who served in Congress for more than three decades. The annual award honors public servants whose achievements advance the public interest. The award is bestowed on those who do the most to overcome the partisan gridlock undermining Congress’ ability to function on behalf of the American people, preventing the government from addressing the immense problems confronting our country. Senator Collins was the first individual selected to receive this award.

The 2016 National Opportunity Summit, where the award was presented to Senator Collins, convened a bipartisan, cross-sector group of business leaders, nonprofits, elected officials and young people to expand economic opportunity and restore the American Dream. Approximately 1,000 people attended the event.