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Senator Collins’ Colleagues Praise Her Leadership of Common Sense Coalition that Proposed Compromise to End Government Shutdown

“What I have seen here on the floor of the Senate in the last few days is something we have not seen for years. Constructive, bipartisan conversations and dialogue on the floor, not just about this issue, which is obviously front and center, but about the future of this institution and what the Senate will be from this point forward. That to me has been encouraging because it says to me that we do have an opportunity to work together. My special thanks to Senator Susan Collins, my friend; Senator Lisa Murkowski, for joining with Jeff Flake, and joining with Lindsay Graham, and joining with Corey Gardner and others, who have been working on this issue for so long to try to make a positive impact on this debate so that we can move forward.”


“My dear, dear friend here, Susan Collins from Maine, we’re the two most centrist, most bipartisan voting members. Not just those who claim themselves to be in the middle, we truly vote in the middle. So with that we have basically have taken over Susan’s office as our little Switzerland. That’s where we meet in a bipartisan way. Everyone talks with each other, trying to help each other, and not at each other. And I want to thank Susan for always being here.”




“Susan’s office is Switzerland.”




“I wish that every person in America… could have sat in our discussion…[Senator Collins] is a great leader.”




“We are grateful to our Republican colleague Susan Collins of Maine for convening these bipartisan talks, and to all the members of this common sense caucus for working with us to find common ground.”




“We’re sitting around in Susan [Collin]’s office again and again, and then we’re dispatching and talking to the leaders and then going back and doing the same thing.”