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Senators Collins and King Celebrate National Lobster Day

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Angus King announced that today, September 25th, marks “National Lobster Day.”  The designation was established through a resolution the Senators authored that passed the Senate unanimously.  National Lobster Day seeks to recognize the economic and cultural importance of the species, which is a major economic driver for Maine. Every year since 2015, Senators Collins and King have authored this resolution.


“For generations, Maine’s lobster fishery has supported thousands of Maine families and served as a major economic force for our state’s coastal communities,” said Senators Collins and King in a joint statement.  “National Lobster Day provides an opportunity, during the peak of the lobster season, to celebrate all the Mainers who work every day to catch, process, cook, and ship our state’s prized crustacean.  This resolution honors their hard work, which attracts millions of visitors to our state each summer and has helped to make the Maine lobster fishery one of the best-managed anywhere in the world.”


Lobster is one of the most valuable catches in the U.S., with approximately 150 million pounds landed at a value of more $500 million each year. In 2019 alone, Maine lobstermen landed more than 100 million pounds valued at more than $485 million. Senators Collins and King have been vocal advocates for the lobster industry by pushing back against harmful policies that would hinder the continued growth and success of the industry.


Click HERE to read the full resolution.



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