WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Angus King today announced their nominees to the United States Military Academies. To be considered for an appointment to a service academy, applicants must be nominated by an authorized nominating source, which includes members of Congress. 
      “We are proud to have the honor to nominate such an impressive group of Maine students to our nation’s distinguished service academies,” said Senators Collins and King in a joint statement. “The young people we have nominated have earned this honor through a commitment to strong scholarship, leadership, and character.”
      The following students from Maine have received nominations as candidates to the military academies from Senators Collins and King: 
United States Naval Academy- Annapolis
Name                                       Home Town                High School
Joseph Baumann                   Leeds                          Leavitt Area High School
Montana Braxton                  Cape Elizabeth            Cape Elizabeth High School
Laura Anna Cutler                 Winter Harbor             Phillips Exeter Academy
Sarah Eaton                           Cherryfield                  Narraguagus High School
Emma Knapp                         Fryeburg                      Vicenza High School (Italy)
Abby L’Abbe                         Topsham                      St. Dominic Academy
Anna Lastra                           Fryeburg                      Fryeburg Academy
Eloise Lienert                         Brunswick                   Brunswick High School
Taylor Perkins                        Gorham                       Gorham High School
G. Nicholas Rozsahegyi          Rockport                     Camden Hills Regional High School
Abigail Runnells                     Saco                            Thornton Academy
Cody Veilleux                         Waterville                    Waterville High School
Jack Venden                           Yarmouth                    Yarmouth High School
Tyler Waaler                           Yarmouth                    Yarmouth High School
Unites States Military Academy – West Point
Name                                       Home Town                High School
Emma Begin                          Chelsea                        Hall-Dale High School
Emma Bonner                        Easton                         Easton Senior High School
Blake Bourassa                      Bangor                        Bangor High School
Seth Davis                             Liberty                        Mt. View High School
Elaine Dudley                        North Waterboro         Massabesic High School
Sarah Eaton                           Cherryfield                 Narraguagus High School
Todd Gustaitis                       Otisfield                      Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School
Chase Harkins                       Bethel                         Gould Academy
Emma Knapp                         Fryeburg                     Vicenza High School (Italy)
Anna Lastra                           Fryeburg                      Fryeburg Academy
Steven Minns                         Wilton                          Mt. Blue High School
Taylor Perkins                       Gorham                       Gorham High School
Kyle Rosado                          Freeport                       Freeport High School
Abby Runnells                       Saco                            Thornton Academy
Jackson Vail                          Waldoboro                  Medomak Valley High School
Cody Veilleux                        Waterville                   Waterville Senior High School
United States Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs
Name                                       Home Town                High School

Luke Arsenault                       Manchester                 Kents Hill School

Emma Begin                           Chelsea                       Hall-Dale High School

Emma Bonner                         Easton                        Easton Senior High School
Blake Bourassa                       Bangor                        Bangor High School
Sean Bowers                           Scarborough               Scarborough High School
Rebekah Bryant                      Monmouth                  Monmouth Academy
Matthew Claar                        Falmouth                    Falmouth High School
Martin Dioli                            Yarmouth                    Salisbury School
Candace Doughty                   Brewer                        Brewer High School
Connor Grant                          Houlton                      Houlton High School
Cody Hart                               Lebanon                      Noble High School
Evan Hulstrom                        York                            York High School
Gordon McCulloh                   Kennebunk                  Maine School of Science & Mathematics
Cassidy Osgood                     Cherryfield                 Narraguagus High School
Meredith Picard                      Troy                            Mount View High School
Abigail Runnells                      Saco                            Thornton Academy
United States Merchant Marine Academy- Kings Point
Name                                       Home Town                High School
Gail Johnson                         Portland                      Waynflete
Matthew McCarty                  Gorham                      Gorham High School
Cooper Siepert                     Cape Elizabeth           Cape Elizabeth High School
Christopher Tomascak          Portland                      Portland High School