Senator Susan Collins to Accompany Pope Francis into Congressional Chamber Today

Maine’s Senior Senator will serve on the Official Escort Committee for Pope Francis’ Address to Congress

WASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S. Senator Susan Collins will be among the bipartisan group of lawmakers who will accompany Pope Francis into the congressional chamber prior to his address to a joint session of Congress. A small group of Senators and House Members will have the honor of walking with the Pope down the center aisle and into the chamber.
      “Pope Francis’ message of inclusiveness, forgiveness, mercy, and love is inspiring, and I look forward to hearing his remarks to Congress,” said Senator Collins. “It is a great honor to be part of the official escort committee that will accompany him into the chamber.”
      Today’s address marks the first time in history that a Pope has addressed Congress. During the address, Senator Collins will be seated on the floor of the House Chamber.  Senator Collins has given her one gallery ticket to her mother, Pat Collins, the former head of the Catholic Charities of Maine Board and the past director of religious education at Holy Rosary Parish in Caribou.
      “I am very excited that the Pope will be speaking before Congress,” Senator Collins continued. “I expect Pope Francis to give an uplifting message that I hope will serve as a call to all of us entrusted with public service to remember why we are here; that our efforts should not be for personal aggrandizement, but to do what is best for our country.”