Senator Collins Visits Troy Elementary School

Troy, ME - U.S. Senator Susan Collins visited students at Troy Central School. Troy School in RSU #3 has approximately 100 elementary students, from kindergarten through grade 5, and serves the town of Troy and parts of Unity.

Senator Collins began her visit by presenting her slideshow, “Days in the Life of Senator Susan M. Collins.” The presentation gives students an opportunity to see some of the work Senator Collins does on a daily basis, including meeting with Mainers, touring Maine businesses, chairing Senate hearings, and speaking on the Senate floor. Following the presentation, Senator Collins read Antlers Forever! to 1st and 2nd grade students and said hello to the kindergarten class.

“Whether they’re in big cities or small towns, every Maine school has something very important in common: teachers, staff, parents, and neighbors all working together to make sure you have the best possible education and the opportunity to make your dreams come true,” Senator Collins told the Troy Central School students. “That’s what the people in Troy and Unity are doing for each one of you.”

“Doing your best, working together, and having respect for others are among the most important lessons you can learn,” Senator Collins continued. “You are so fortunate to have a school that is dedicated to helping you learn them.”

Senator Collins has visited more than 200 schools throughout Maine.