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Senator Collins Participates in Eastport Airport Groundbreaking

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Eastport, ME—U.S. Senator Susan Collins, the Chairman of the Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee, delivered the keynote address at a groundbreaking ceremony at Eastport Municipal Airport today.  Senator Collins secured a $5,806,900 grant for runway and lighting improvements, as well as for wastewater infrastructure.


“Eastport Municipal Airport helps connect Downeast Maine to the world.  Just as important, and to the benefit of those not fortunate enough to live here, it connects the world to Downeast Maine,” said Senator Collins.  “This project is evidence of a spirit that brings people together working for a bright future.  These infrastructure improvements will help enhance safety, improve travel, generate jobs, and provide many economic benefits.  I am honored to be Washington County’s advocate in Washington, D.C.”  


This grant, which was awarded to Eastport in 2019, was made possible because of the additional $1 billion in supplemental Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding Senator Collins was able to include in the annual transportation funding bill she authors.  Supplemental AIP funding is prioritized for small and non-primary airports like Eastport. 


The Eastport Chamber, the Eastport Port Authority, and LifeFlight of Maine all expressed support for the project, citing the airport’s importance in flying in help when the breakwater collapsed, serving as a fuel station for search and rescue crews, and providing medical access for the region where medical care is not immediate and full service, particularly for surgical or emergency care.  In the three years prior to accepting the grant, LifeFlight had 163 missions that utilized the Eastport Airport. The organization has seen a 10% increase in its services every year and projects at least that rate of increase into the future.


The Eastport Municipal Airport is the easternmost airport in the United States.  It is a city- owned, public use airport that was granted to the City by the federal government following World War II. 



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