Senator Collins Calls for Improving Social Justice, Eliminating Racial Disparities in Wake of Killing of George Floyd

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Washington, D.C.—Following the death of George Floyd, who was killed in police custody in Minneapolis last month, U.S. Senator Susan Collins spoke on the Senate floor to urge Americans to unite in the fight against racial inequality.


“We face the confluence of a health crisis, an economic depression, and a killing that laid bare the racial injustice that still taints our country,” said Senator Collins during her remarks.  “The horrific death of George Floyd in Minneapolis was reprehensible.  It was beyond a tragedy; it was a crime.”


“The right to gather in protest of injustice is enshrined in our Constitution.  The desire for reconciliation is in our national character.  We must join together to ensure that the legacy of George Floyd is of progress, not deepening division and hatred,” Senator Collins continued. 


“The vast majority of law-enforcement officers are brave men and women devoted to protecting our families, belongings, and communities.  They deserve our heartfelt gratitude as they willingly risk their lives for ours when danger strikes.  In Maine, we are fortunate to have so many terrific professional law enforcement officers, devoted to their duty, devoted to doing what is right.   It is, however, imperative that we examine and act on the racial disparities in law enforcement where they occur.”


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