Senator Collins Attends Maine Day Celebration at George B. Weatherbee Elementary School

On Maine’s 199th Birthday

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Hampden, ME – Today, U.S. Senator Susan Collins visited George B. Weatherbee School in Hampden to celebrate Maine’s 199th Birthday.  Weatherbee School serves approximately 330 third through fifth grade students from Hampden and Newburgh.


During her visit, Senator Collins participated in a school-wide assembly to kick off Maine Day, where she delivered remarks and presented her slideshow, “Days in the Life of Senator Susan M. Collins.”  The presentation gives students an opportunity to see some of the work she does on a daily basis, including meeting with Mainers, touring Maine businesses, chairing Senate hearings, and speaking on the Senate floor. 


“I congratulate everyone here at Weatherbee for making Maine Day an annual celebration.  There is a lot to celebrate.  We are so fortunate to live in such a special place,” said Senator Collins.  “I have visited more than 200 schools all over Maine.  At every one of them, I’ve seen what I see here today at Weatherbee – students working hard to do their best, and teachers, parents, and community members working together so that you can have the best education possible and can make your dreams come true.”


“I am proud of you for making this effort to learn about our great State and the remarkable people who have made it so special,” Senator Collins continued.  “I hope that my talk with you will inspire you to do your best to make Maine even greater.”


After the assembly, students will head into a day of sessions all about Maine, including how to make apple cider and whoopie pies, the history of Hampden, and the importance of Maine’s wild blueberries.  The day will promote things that Mainers are passionate about and showcase potential job ideas for students.