Senator Collins’ Statement On The Confirmation Of Loretta Lynch As Attorney General

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Susan Collins voted today to confirm Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General of the United States. After the vote, Senator Collins released the following statement:

“Throughout my service in the Senate, I have worked to help ensure that qualified nominees like Loretta Lynch receive fair consideration, regardless of which political party controls the White House. Based on my review of her 30-plus years as a career prosecutor and distinguished attorney, I believe Senate confirmation of Ms. Lynch as the new Attorney General is warranted and I’m pleased to support her nomination.

“As part of my consideration of Ms. Lynch’s nomination, I reviewed her testimony and answers to questions posed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, of which I am not a member. I also had the privilege of sitting down with Ms. Lynch for a 30-minute meeting during which I was able to question her about many issues. I was not only satisfied by her answers but also was able to see first-hand her commitment to justice.

“Moreover, I have been particularly concerned about many actions taken by Attorney General Eric Holder. We need strong, new leadership at the Department of Justice, which I believe Ms. Lynch will provide. In reviewing Ms. Lynch’s qualifications, character, professional experience, and written work, I believe that she will be an effective leader who will bring much-needed change to the Department.”