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Senator Collins’ Honors Those Who Have Served Our Nation in Uniform

Click HERE to watch Senator Collins’ remarks. Click HERE for high-resolution video.


Washington, D.C. – In advance of Veterans Day, U.S. Senator Susan Collins released this statement:


“As the daughter of a World War II veteran who was wounded twice in the Battle of the Bulge where he earned two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, Veterans Day has always had a special meaning to me. 


“The men and women we honor on Veterans Day have paid the price of our freedom in times of conflict, and they are our shield in times of peace.  We honor those who paid the ultimate price.  We honor those who lived beyond their years of military service but who have since passed on.  And we honor those who are with us today.


“Today, nearly 20 million Americans wear the proud title of ‘Veteran.’  Maine is home to more than 114,000 veterans, the second-highest percentage in our entire country.  We are proud of our State’s commitment to protecting our nation.


“The patriots we honor on Veterans Day served our nation and all of humanity.  Those who serve today carry on this great mission.   They have earned our deepest thanks, not just on this Veterans Day, but for all the days to come.”



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