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Collins, Baldwin Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Recognizing National Loggers Day

Washington, D.C. U.S. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) introduced a bipartisan resolution recognizing October 12th, 2022, as National Loggers Day. The Senate resolution highlights the many contributions and economic benefits of the logging industry in the United States.


“Throughout Maine’s history, our forest products industry has supported good-paying jobs, driven local economies, strengthened rural communities, and protected our natural environment.  I come from a six-generation forest-products family and know of no other enterprise that requires more faith in the future and respect for the past,” said Senator Collins.  “I am proud to join Senator Baldwin in honoring the skilled and resilient loggers in Maine and across the country.  I have strongly supported these hardworking men and women by advocating for workforce development programs and securing financial assistance during the pandemic, and I look forward to continuing to be a strong partner on issues to protect this resilient industry and its talented employees.”


“The significance of this proclamation for loggers in Maine and across the United States cannot be overstated,” Dana Doran, Executive Director of the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine, said.  “At no prior time in our nation’s history have loggers been recognized for their selfless and heroic efforts by our nation’s government, and we especially want to thank U.S. Senator Susan Collins for leading the effort to honor their contribution to our nation’s economy on behalf of the hard-working small family businesses in the industry here in Maine.  Loggers work hard day in and day out to supply every American with products that they need to live safe and productive lives.  It’s important to not only honor this heritage industry but to be sure that every American recognizes the importance of their contribution now and in the future.”


This resolution is supported by the American Loggers Council.  The full text is available HERE.