Senator Collins has a strong record of supporting education at all levels, including promoting early childhood education; improving our public school system for kindergarten through 12th grade; and working to increase the affordability of higher education. As a member of the Senate Appropriations and the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committees, Senator Collins will continue to work to ensure that Congress provides robust funding and targeted legislation for the most effective educational programs aimed at helping teachers and students.

Senator Collins has made engaging with Maine’s students and faculty a top priority, visiting nearly 200 schools during her time as a Senator. 

Improving Education, Expanding Opportunity

The beginning of a new school year reminds us of the vital role education plays in opening the doors of opportunity to all Americans.  We have an obligation as a society to open those doors ever wider.
This also is the time of year to express our gratitude to our educators.  Here in Maine, we are truly fortunate to have so many dedicated teachers, administrators, staff, and school board members who work hard to ensure that every child in our State has a learning environment that is safe, welcoming, and enriching.


Yarmouth HS Assistant Principal Named Maine’s 2015 Assistant Principal Of The Year


Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Susan Collins welcomed Joshua Ottow, Assistant Principal of Yarmouth High School (YHS), to Washington today after recently being named Maine’s 2015 Assistant Principal of the Year.


“Strong leadership in our educational system is crucial to the success of our students in Maine and across the country. I am proud to congratulate Yarmouth High School’s Joshau Ottow for his outstanding leadership and hard work on behalf of the students in his school,” said Senator Collins.




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