Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) Requests - FY2022

The Fiscal Year 2022 federal appropriations process will include opportunities to fund local projects through Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS). This opportunity is available to non-profit entities and state and local governments.

When submitting your requests, please keep the following in mind:

  • For-profit entities are not eligible to receive CDS.
  • Submission of a request does not guarantee that your request will receive funding.
  • The information you provide may be subject to public disclosure requirements.
  • Each project request must be accompanied by a project request form.
  • Please consult the Additional Guidance Index for additional information about the eligible accounts and funding criteria.

Please follow the instructions below to submit a CDS request to Senator Collins.  The deadline to submit all CDS requests is June 2, 2021.



Instructions for Submitting an FY 2022 Congressionally Directed Spending Request:

  1. Each project request must be accompanied by a project request form. Click (here) to download the form.
  2. Complete all fields on the form.
  3. When entering dollar amounts, use only numerals (i.e. $5,300,000, not $5.3 million).
  4. Each request must be accompanied by three signed letters of support from community stakeholders and/or leaders endorsing the request. Please attach these letters to your email submission.
  5. Save and rename the form as “Your Entity Name – Your Project Name.”
  6. Send the form as an attachment, along with letters of support and other relevant documents, to
  7. If you are submitting multiple requests, the requests should be provided in separate forms.
  8. The “Project Justification” portion of the form should be a brief description that summarizes why the request should be funded and how it will be of benefit to the taxpayer.
  9. Please do NOT send anything via US Mail – Senate mail screening procedures will delay arrival.


LINK: CDS Request Form

LINK: Additional Guidance Index


Note that all CDS requests must comply with Senate Rule XLIV.