Senator Collins Welcomes UMaine Students Participating in the “Washington, D.C., Leadership Institute” to the Nation’s Capital

Washington, D.C.—U.S. Senator Susan Collins recently met with students from the University of Maine who were enrolled in the “Washington, D.C., Leadership Institute.” The one week, immersive class gives participants the opportunity to meet with leaders in government, the military, business, non-profits, athletics, education, and the arts.

“I was a pleasure to meet with this bright and gifted group of students and discuss my work as a U.S. Senator as well as the importance of leadership,” said Senator Collins. “These students have already demonstrated their strong leadership abilities, and I was delighted to welcome them to our nation’s capital.”

During the meeting, Senator Collins spoke to students about her responsibilities as a U.S. Senator, and she encouraged them to pursue public service. She also discussed the importance of leadership and her work to effectively represent the interests of Maine and the country. As an example, Senator Collins discussed her leadership in brokering a compromise that ended the government shutdown in October 2013.