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Jul 12 2012

Senator Collins Casts 5000th Consecutive Roll Call Vote

Collins has never missed a roll call vote

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Senator Susan Collins today cast her 5,000th consecutive roll call vote continuing a perfect voting record that began in January 1997. Senator Collins is currently the longest-serving member of the United States Senate to never have missed a roll call vote. She has been present for every roll call vote that has occurred in the Senate since she was sworn into office in January 1997.

In remarks on the Senate floor, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said this is “a tremendous accomplishment that represents the work ethic and dedication Senator Collins has for the people of Maine and the Senate. She is one of the hardest working members of the Senate.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, “I appreciate Senator Collins’ ability to work with everyone… she has always been known for her ability to compromise. I think the tone she has set working with Joe Lieberman is magnificent. They have run that committee with dignity in a totally bipartisan basis.” Collins is Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and serves with Chairman Joe Lieberman (I/D-CT).

“It is a great honor to serve in the U.S. Senate and represent the people of Maine. Voting is a Senator’s most important responsibility, and I feel strongly about making every effort possible to be present when the roll is called,” said Senator Collins. “People around the country respect Mainers for their strong values and work ethic. I am proud to have continued this voting streak, which was inspired by the legendary Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith who did not miss a vote for 13 years until surgery forced to her to do so.”

Senator Collins surpassed Senator Smith’s record in 2005. Senator Smith cast 2,941 consecutive votes over 13 years before missing her first vote on September 6, 1968.

Senator Collins’ first vote in the Senate was on January 22, 1997 when she voted to confirm Madeleine Albright as Secretary of State. Her second vote, the same day, was to confirm former Maine Senator Bill Cohen as Secretary of Defense. Senator Collins replaced Cohen in the Senate.

In addition to not missing any roll call votes, Senator Collins continues to return home to Maine for weekends and during congressional recesses to meet with constituents, visit communities, businesses, and schools throughout the state, and to spend time at her home in Bangor.