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U.S. Senator Susan Collins today released this statement after voting in favor of an amendment to provide veterans with additional job training and assistance, and a hiring tax credit to help veterans find a job:

"Americans will never forget the sacrifices that our veterans have made for us. We will repay that debt in part with the gratitude we express tomorrow, on Veterans Day, but only in part. We must also repay our debt with educational and employment opportunities, and other benefits, that our veterans have earned by their sacrifice to our country.

"The overall unemployment rate in Maine in 2010 was 7.9%. However, among veterans it was 8.7%, and even higher among post-9/11 veterans.

"This amendment would expand and increase tax credits to businesses that hire unemployed veterans and extend education and training benefits for older and disabled veterans. The amendment also makes it easier for separating service members to transition from the military to civilian careers in the federal government and the private sector. The amendment also seeks to improve existing VA programs for states and assistance provided by the Department of Labor and states through existing VA programs.

"Service men and women have defended our freedom since America was founded more than two centuries ago. All Americans owe so much to these brave men and women."