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Mar 02 2010


Legislation also extends health insurance for jobless, loan guarantees for small businesses, and prevents cuts in Medicare reimbursements

U.S. Senator Susan Collins released the following statement tonight after voting in support of critical legislation that includes short-term extensions for unemployment benefits, health insurance for the unemployed, Small Business Administration (SBA) loan guarantees for small businesses, funding for highway programs, and a provision that would prevent cuts in Medicare reimbursements to doctors. Earlier today, Senator Collins spoke on the Senate floor and called for unanimous consent to consider this legislation.

"I am glad that the majority of my colleagues recognize how important it is to move forward with this legislation. It was my intention to help advance negotiations by speaking on the Senate floor today on behalf of many members of the Republican caucus who wanted to see this bill go forward.

"In these challenging economic times, the stakes are simply too high to not take action. Allowing these provisions to expire was not fair to the millions of Americans - including 500 Mainers, whose unemployment compensation checks ran out last weekend, the physicians throughout our country who would have had their Medicare reimbursements cut by 21 percent, nor to the construction workers whose jobs would be terminated if highway funds were not forthcoming. This is an important bill that has real-life consequences for the people of this country, and our failure to act has created genuine hardship in their lives."