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Washington – Pineland Farms, the New Gloucester-based creamery, has expanded its business into military commissaries across the country.  Below is the press release that Pineland Farms issued today, celebrating this development and explaining Senator Susan Collins’ role in introducing the company to the idea of seeking contracts with the federal government.

For Immediate Release
October 24, 2012

Defense Commissary Agency expands distribution of Pineland Farms Cheese
Maine cheese available at military installations nationwide

New Gloucester, Maine- This holiday season more military families will have the opportunity to enjoy cheese made at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester. The Defense Commissary Agency or DeCA will be selling cheese from Pineland Farms in all military commissaries across the continental United States.

Initially trialed only in the Northeast region, Pineland cheese caught the eye of national buyers who expanded offerings of cheddar, Monterey jacks, and spreadable cheeses to military installations nationwide.

Just over one year ago, Senator Susan Collins suggested to Pineland Farms that it explore business development in federal government contracting opportunities. She made the case for seeking government contracts and explained how those contracts can raise the visibility of a company. She facilitated a meeting between Pineland Farms’ managers and DeCA personnel, who administer the retail operations that serve active duty and retired military and their families. Together, Pineland Farms and commissary officials explored how the Maine business could best compete and bring its products to our service men and women and their dependents.

Pineland Farms did the rest. The company’s quality and great products combined with DeCA’s commitment to best value and high quality to its customers resulted in a contract that will support sustainable agriculture in Maine while providing military servicemen and women and their families with award-winning products.

“We are excited to be expanding our business with DeCA during the holiday season,” explained Neal Kolterman, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Pineland Farms. “Thanks to Senator Collins’ idea, our trial in 24 Northeast commissaries earlier this year proved successful and led to expanded distribution. We’re thrilled to be supporting Maine agriculture and DeCA’s commitment to offering military patrons quality and value. During the coming months, Pineland will offer free samples of its award-winning cheese at select military bases across the country. It is an honor and a privilege to supply our Maine products to military personnel and their families.”

“Pineland Farms products showcase the best of Maine – all-natural ingredients and small-scale agriculture,” said Senator Collins. “I am pleased that its cheese will be on the dinner tables of more customers. This contract will not only help support good jobs in Maine, but also provide a gateway to military families and retirees, who will discover and enjoy Pineland Farms’ superior cheeses. The pride Pineland Farms employees take in their work shows through.

“Contracts with the federal government provide an emerging business an opportunity for a steady commitment and revenue as long as the company performs. Clearly, with this notice of expansion to nine additional sites, Pineland Farms has proven the value of its products.”

In addition to producing some of the best cheese in the country, Pineland Farms is a several thousand-acre working farm, business campus and educational and recreational venue. Pineland Farms’ mission is to enrich the community by demonstrating responsible farming techniques, offering educational opportunities and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through outdoor recreation.

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