Senator Collins can arrange for an American flag to be flown over the United States Capitol for any Mainer who wishes to purchase one. Flags can be flown on any day of the year, for special occasions or events. Requests must be received at least 8 weeks prior to the desired flying date. Payment must be submitted at the time the request is made. The following flags are available:

3' x 5' nylon $10.00 + $4 shipping
3' x 5' cotton $11.00 + $4 shipping
5' x 8' nylon $20.00 + $4 shipping
5' x 8' cotton  $23.00 + $4 shipping
Note: There is a flying certification cost of $5.00 per flag for flags flown over the Capitol. Please be sure to include this cost, as well as the $4 shipping cost, in your payment.
To order a flag, or to order a flag to be flown over the Capitol, please print your request and include the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • The occasion or event the flag is being flown for
  • The person in whose name the flag is being flown
  • The date the flag is to be flown
  • The type and number of each flag ordered, and whether the flag is to be flown or just shipped
  • The total payment enclosed

Send completed form and payment to your local constituent service center.